Overheard at Hamilton

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  • Girl 1: "Do you steal when you’re drunk?"
  • Girl 2: "I don’t know.”
  • Guy to friend: “If anyone takes my computer, punch them. Do that first, ask questions later.”
  • Girl in Sadove: “It turns out my professor was a prostitute in college.”
  • Guy studying: “Today’s exercise: doing laps around the library.”
  • Girl on Martin’s Way: "Imagine how different things would be if the Obamas had a cat instead of a dog”
  • Girl at Commons: “I was like, Hey god, my uterus is being sassy.”
  • Two girls looking at Facebook in KJ atrium: “I just feel like there’s a fine line between model and skank…”
  • Darksider 1: "Dude, this season of formals… we should use the time when all the lightsiders are off campus to explore the place!"
  • Darksider 2: "Yeah, I’ve never been to Carnegie actually… but what if some of them are left and they spot us over there? We’re fucked.”
  • (McEwen Friday lunch)
  • (at lunch)
  • Guy: "I’m falling asleep to you tearing up bread."
  • Girl: "It’s like a lullaby.”
  • Girl talking to her roommates: “Text me where you go, maybe I’ll join you guys later… No, I have too much work, I might just get drunk here.”