Overheard at Hamilton

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  • Girl: :Is that guy on the National Sex Offenders registry?"
  • Guy: "Not yet, maybe after a few Annex parties.”
  • Overheard at the diner.
  • #notfunny #endsexualabuseathamilton
  • Girl: "I’m only going to your game if you uninvite all the other girls."
  • Guy: "Well, I guess you’re not going then.”
  • DUNHAM BOYS. NOT FRESHMAN EITHER : “I’ve never had sex with a girl before but whenever I’m hooking up with one I’m always… checking it out.” “Yeah, you really have to know the vagina before you have sex with it.”

Overheard is back.

  • Girl: "I don’t know if that’s how library orgies work..."
  • Other Girl: "Oh, library orgies. Those are different.”
  • Bro Behind the Library: “No, I don’t remember what I wrote! That was so 15 minutes ago!”
  • “I’ve been thinking a lot about the existence of essays this week.. Like, essay-stentialism.”
  • Girl in Library: “This is so random but it’s on the topic of oral sex”
  • "Guys, there are A LOT of nice legs on this campus"
  • Guy: "I was sexting a townie the other night"
  • Girl: "What??!"
  • Guy: Yeah