Overheard at Hamilton

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  • (Walking out of the bookstore)
  • Girl 1: It's, it's like TAILORED! It's like designed for someone like me!
  • Girl 2: No it's not
  • Girl 1: Yes, it is
  • Girl 2: Shut up, it's not. I could definitely make you one of those notebooks by putting cut out tabs in it and sell it to you for 19 dollars
  • “We are gangbanging a lot today.”
  • “you know things are stressful when even the rugby team is staying in for the night”
  • (Guys walking through a suite)
  • Guy 1: "This is nasty, this is so fucking nasty. Is that dishes? What is that smell?"
  • Guy 2: "this aint right"
  • (already drinking at 8: 45 am)
  • Girl: "I'm trying to pace myself and not end up like I did last year."
  • Guy: "... I think I'm blackout."
  • Guy on Phone: "Hi Mom! I know I’m not your son, but today I am cause it’s class and charter day!”
  • Bro in front of Burke Library: “Yo! We’re tossin’ disk one the Carnegie Quad right now, do you wanna toss some disk?”
  • Girl: "Omg, were you fatter than you are now??"
  • Girl 1: They won't fill the prescription till tomorrow!! This is ridiculous and so slow!
  • Girl 2: Oh, I guess it looks like the registrar is now running the pharmacy
  • "Can I put YOLO in a professor’s evaluation?”